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If you live in or near Washington and need a vehicle towed away for whatever reason, we are the people to call for towing in Washington, NC. We can tow any type of vehicle and distance isn’t a concern for us. We are more than happy to do local towing or to provide you with a long distance towing.  

For any type of accidents that occur, we offer collision towing services to help remove damaged cars from the location and to help transport the passengers afterwards.

We also offer junk car removal services if there is a car that has been sitting for awhile and is no longer in good use.

And we are not just a service for individual use. If there are any companies or commercial sites that are in need of our services, we are here to help you too. For example, we provide illegally parked vehicle towing if there is an unwanted car on your property or someone who is out of their boundaries.

As previously mentioned, we can work with all sizes of vehicles. We have an excellent car winching service that allows us to be able to pull even the largest vehicles upon a trailer for removal. So you do not have to think twice about the size of the vehicle you are needing towed.

A great thing about our service is that you can call upon us at anytime. If you need us after our business hours, we can still provide you with an emergency tow and get you where you need to go.

Whatever your towing needs are, we are one of most reliable people to call on. We are a very experienced team that can handle just about any situation.

We are the auto recovery company to call the next time you are in need of towing in Washington, NC.

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